Our Story

AMLEX is a fashion brand for your trendiest styles. The AMLEX brand offers an array of styles for women.  

AMLEX draws inspiration from the latest trends to deliver clothing, and accessories.

  • Values

    Respect for everyone; regard for every look

  • Tagline

    Be Beautiful

  • Positioning Statement

    Every journey for every season begins with a touch of AMLEX.

  • Founder & CEO

    Growing up, Mercy Onabajo has always had passion and obsession with fashion and trend. Her loveliest childhood memory is how dressing up often changed her mood from zero to a hundred. Her passion and other artistic fashion skills birthed an online store in May 2021 - AMLEX - an affordable online boutique for women.

     Mercy likes to do lots of research in her spare time, which has helped her rediscover and relearn her passion and AMLEX’s mission to provide affordable quality clothing and accessories for women globally. With AMLEX, Mercy desires that every woman feels beautiful, confident, and fabulous in their body.

  • Vision

    To provide a unique style for every woman.

  • Mission Statement

    We give you the comfort and style to step everywhere, every day.

  • Benefits of belonging to the AMLEX family
    AMLEX provides clothing
    AMLEX provides accessories

  • Self-expressive

    AMLEX represents elegance
    AMLEX represents inclusiveness
    AMLEX represents comfort